As my release date approaches, there’s all sorts of marketing I need to be doing. After all, the book does no one any good unless they buy it and read it. Thus far, telling my workplace library about it so they can buy it has been the extent of my efforts. I have ideas of other things to do, and have finally received some information and advice from my publisher, but I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed. I’m also a little paralyzed by not knowing when to expect the print release. Will it be a month after the e-book? A year? Can I have a ballpark estimate, folks?? Maybe that should be my first move — asking for a ballpark on the print release, just so I know what to even tell people.

Behold the Glorious Author as she runs around in circles like a chicken without a head.

Release Date!

I finally have a release date for my book! Well, for the ebook version. June 3rd! The print run will be later, and I don’t know how much later, which is frustrating because I don’t know how to begin marketing an ebook. I would so much rather have something in my hands to give people. But the good news is, I spoke to the Tech Services folks at the library and they will be buying my book! My boss is even talking about using it for the Teen Book Club she’s trying to form. O_O I have to admit the idea of sitting in on a discussion of my book is more than a little awesome, but also more than a little terrifying…

In fact this whole thing is turning out a little more terrifying than I thought. It makes me so nervous and embarrassed to tell people about my book. Suddenly I’m the subject of so much scrutiny, and what if they don’t like the book? I’ve always been able to tightly control who was able to read my writing. Friends, family, creative writing class — even my fanfic, though technically anyone on the web could read it, in practice only reaches a specific set of fans, you know? So it’s a real effort for me to focus on being excited rather than being freaked out.

But, you know, one day — one day — someone will come to me and tell me how much they liked my book. (Surely a few people will, right?) And that day might be the best day of my life.

We shall see. We shall see.