It’s aliiiiive! …sort of.

I’ve said all along that my book wouldn’t feel “really published” until it was out in print (as opposed to ebook), specifically when I could hold it in my hot little hands. That was supposed to happen on Thursday.

[insert utter lack of Amazon link here]

Well, to be fair, I doubted I would hold it in my hands on Thursday, though I did presume my contract-mandated free copy would be mailed. For all I know, it has been, I suppose. But it was supposed to be available for my friends and family and library to order. It was supposed to be on Amazon! I was supposed to have arrived!

Instead my authorly train has broken down in a tunnel somewhere.

When half of Thursday had passed with no sign of it, I emailed my publisher. She replied, very apologetically, that she had forgotten to release it and would do so as soon as she got back to her computer. ……Okay then. And so she did. She emailed me a while later saying the book was now available on CreateSpace and would be on Amazon within 24 hours. Considering that “24 hours later” was well into the day after my release date, this wasn’t the best news ever, but whatcha gonna do. I waited.

24 hours came and went. And technically my book is out there. It’s here on CreateSpace, the printing press Astraea apparently uses (owned by Amazon), and you can totally buy it there, and I even get a bigger cut if you do. But it’s just not reeeeal. Come on, people! The trains have a schedule to keep! Get me out of this tunnel!

Oh, P.S.! I has been interviewed! Krysten Lindsay Hager, who I interviewed here not long ago, has returned the favor on her blog.

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