Well I FINALLY got my own copies of my own book (seriously, all my friends’ and family members’ copies from Amazon came in before my own copies from the publisher), and my family fell on them like piranhas on a cow. One sister got away with a copy, but I beat the others back long enough to send one to my old roommate as her long-promised wedding present and claim two for myself (one for display and one as a backup – and for lending, maybe). That leaves one copy for – drum roll please – A GIVEAWAY ON MY BLOG! In addition, I’m allowed to give away a certain number of e-copies per year. So, up for grabs, we have one physical copy and two ebook copies of Secondhand Shadow, first novel of the HOT NEW AUTHOR Elizabeth Belyeu!

(Here, have a visual aid:)


From what I can tell you don’t need to have a wordpress account to leave a comment, so come one, come all, leave a comment on this post — the first three will WIN A FREE BOOK! 😀