Greetings From the Other Side

I am now a published author. “How does it feel,” you might ask, “to finally achieve one of your life’s dreams?” Well, so far, pretty surreal. It’s only the ebook release, so far — I think it’ll feel more real in July, when I have a physical book to hold in my hands. It’s also weirdly embarrassing? All I want to do is hide when people congratulate me. Part of it is suddenly being the center of attention, I guess, and part of it is being terrified that they’ll dislike the book. Despite the fact that quite a few people who were in no way obligated to like the book have gone so far as to invest their time and money in its success, I am about halfway convinced it is utter crap. This is very possibly a permanent state that I will live in even if I become the next J.K. Rowling.

I tell you what, though, when I can stop cringing long enough to feel joy, it is extremely nice to hear that friends and acquaintances are actually paying for my book and enjoying it. At least two of my Tumblr followers have bought it. My sister Misty, who was included in the acknowledgements, sent me a picture of her hugging her Kindle in near-tears. My sister Amanda bought it, kept her nose in it all evening, giggling most hearteningly, and told me the next morning that she hated me because my book kept her up until 1:30 in the morning. This is the sister that I thought had negative-one-hundred interest in my writing, so this is extremely touching, guys, I can’t even tell you.

On June 3 (henceforth known as Publication Day), I only had to work the morning, so I spent the afternoon catching a super-bargain matinee of X-Men: Days of Future Past with my brother (my second viewing of it), had dinner with him at Waffle House, then came home and broke out the Sparkling Grape Juice with him and Amanda before we went to bed.

Such glamorous. Very fame. But you know what, it works for me.


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