And we are live!

Real paper-and-ink version of Secondhand Shadow is now on Amazon! I’ve not received my copy yet, and my library is having trouble ordering it, so whatever caused the delay may still be causing problems somewhere — but we are definitely orderable on The Big Book-Ordering Site, so right now life is good!!

(I’ve also been interviewed again, this time on M. Kircher’s blog, so check that out if you want to hear me talk about myself! Also her blogs looks kinda cool on its own, even without being graced by my beautiful face.)

Today is a pretty tough day for me — I have to work a split shift, which means I’m trapped in Montgomery for 12 hours plus commute time, and this is because we’re in the midst of our annual Purgatory Back-to-School Boot Camp, which, as an introvert who abhors chaos, I find terrifying and exhausting. So things like “good news for my book!” are what keep me going. …That and donuts.

My life has been further complicated, though in an adorable way, by this little hitchhiker I picked up off the side of I-85.


photo (1)



We think it’s a girl (hard to tell at that age) and she’s just so tiny and sweet and darling. /wibbles. My sister wanted to name it Oliver, as in Oliver & Company, so now it’s Olivia. She’s living in a large carrier in my bedroom. She smells and has worms but she’s such a sweetheart! I wish we could keep her, but we already have two cats and three dogs. My sister, who owns the house, has vetoed the idea completely, and after all, I can’t afford another cat. I’m barely keeping myself and Lucy afloat, what with her diabetes expenses. So we’re networking, trying to find a home for the little gal. Wish us luck!

Greetings From the Other Side

I am now a published author. “How does it feel,” you might ask, “to finally achieve one of your life’s dreams?” Well, so far, pretty surreal. It’s only the ebook release, so far — I think it’ll feel more real in July, when I have a physical book to hold in my hands. It’s also weirdly embarrassing? All I want to do is hide when people congratulate me. Part of it is suddenly being the center of attention, I guess, and part of it is being terrified that they’ll dislike the book. Despite the fact that quite a few people who were in no way obligated to like the book have gone so far as to invest their time and money in its success, I am about halfway convinced it is utter crap. This is very possibly a permanent state that I will live in even if I become the next J.K. Rowling.

I tell you what, though, when I can stop cringing long enough to feel joy, it is extremely nice to hear that friends and acquaintances are actually paying for my book and enjoying it. At least two of my Tumblr followers have bought it. My sister Misty, who was included in the acknowledgements, sent me a picture of her hugging her Kindle in near-tears. My sister Amanda bought it, kept her nose in it all evening, giggling most hearteningly, and told me the next morning that she hated me because my book kept her up until 1:30 in the morning. This is the sister that I thought had negative-one-hundred interest in my writing, so this is extremely touching, guys, I can’t even tell you.

On June 3 (henceforth known as Publication Day), I only had to work the morning, so I spent the afternoon catching a super-bargain matinee of X-Men: Days of Future Past with my brother (my second viewing of it), had dinner with him at Waffle House, then came home and broke out the Sparkling Grape Juice with him and Amanda before we went to bed.

Such glamorous. Very fame. But you know what, it works for me.


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As my release date approaches, there’s all sorts of marketing I need to be doing. After all, the book does no one any good unless they buy it and read it. Thus far, telling my workplace library about it so they can buy it has been the extent of my efforts. I have ideas of other things to do, and have finally received some information and advice from my publisher, but I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed. I’m also a little paralyzed by not knowing when to expect the print release. Will it be a month after the e-book? A year? Can I have a ballpark estimate, folks?? Maybe that should be my first move — asking for a ballpark on the print release, just so I know what to even tell people.

Behold the Glorious Author as she runs around in circles like a chicken without a head.

Let the Party Begin

On the one hand, I probably ought to introduce myself; on the other, you’re either at my blog because you know who I am already, or you’ve stumbled here by accident and don’t really care as long as I have something interesting for you to read. So I’ll get straight to that.

Yesterday I had an excellent day at work by virtue of not actually doing my job very much. I work in the children’s section of the library. This job requires endless patience and good cheer, a deep appreciation for and interest in youngsters, and the ability to cut out paper snowflakes for hours at a time without throwing a chair through a window. I possess none of these qualifications. I don’t know how I ended up here. Please help.

But yesterday I spent the worst part of the day – the hours of 2:00-4:00 pm, wherein the library becomes free daycare for a few dozen kids from the school down the block – in the adult computer lab, where people actually had their library cards with them, knew the difference between Word and Google, and refrained at all times from urinating on themselves. It was GLORIOUS.

I thought I would get some writing done, the ambiance being so calm and all. I didn’t, of course. I spent the time reading Harry Potter chapter analyses and TV Tropes articles, and fiddling around with my beautiful collection of virtual dragons on Flight Rising. (I have such a weakness for tundras. THEY’RE SO FLUFFY.) Because guys, at the end of the day, the hardest part of writing? IS WRITING. Is just sitting down and putting words together without distractions and interruptions. I’ve been most displeased to discover that this gets harder, not easier, as you achieve adulthood. Not because I can’t block out noise and ruckus – I’m one of five children, I could do that before I could walk – but because I’m not allowed to. I’m the adult responsible for controlling the ruckus. And that shatters my focus like nothing in the world.

In high school, I used to read an average of a hundred books a year. Yes, I kept count, and that probably tells you all you need to know about my high school years. Now, it’s probably more like 15 or 20, because I’m always at work, or driving to work, or going to bed so I don’t fall asleep at work. Or grocery shopping. Or screaming at my 19-year-old brother to get his microwave-sized shoes out of the bathroom floor before I break an ankle tripping over them.

Yeah, I live with my brother. And my older sister. And one of my younger sisters. But no parents! It’s like an orphanage, except we’re all ADULTS. Party time, right?

The party never ends, y’all. The party. Never. Ends.